How to Find an Interesting Startup to Work for in 15 Minutes.

We launched Startup Life Ondemand for those who couldn’t find the suitable position for themselves in the existing list on our website. Although we have already been privileged to help several talented people find the startups through this track, we realized many applicants still do not know how to properly take advantage of this opportunity.

Of course, that is all our fault. So please give us a chance to make it up to you; we have prepared a hands-on guide on how to find a startup that’s right for you. The guide will walk you through how to use Angellist, Company website, Crunchbase, Startuphire, and Twitter to your advantage. Eventually we hope that you will bring the names of startups you’d like to work for before the official deadline: the end of March.

The fastest way to get a job at startups is to take the self-initiative.

Startups love self-starters. Likewise, folks we can help the most effectively are those who are proactive and committed. Think of our program as a catalyst. If you bring the right chemicals, then we can get you where you want super fast and in a more legitimate way.

Summer is getting really close. Our advice is to act and move NOW. The guide is not exhaustive, by any means. If you are curious about any specific tools or topics, please leave a comment. If you have better suggestions, we fervently hope to listen. We will do our best to deliver the tips as soon as possible.

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Schedule for 2014/2015

Application period for next summer’s internships starts in January 2015.

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